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HCI has entered into an agreement with an award-winning, international financial services group, specialising in trading and investment across global financial markets.  HCI Online Trading enables private investors to trade FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures and Options via the multi-award winning online trading platforms.

Trading Platforms Options

Trade on your Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile Device (Tab/ Smartphone)

Comprehensive Online Trader

This trading platform is the Rolls Royce, it is the most professional and comprehensive online trading platform available. The downloadable platform covers all asset classes, gives access to market news, technical analysis, one click trading, charting functions and a host of other world class function. It’s a platform developed for the serious Trader.


The Mobile Trader gives traders the “on the go” option, through a browser enabled (smartphone/tab) mobile device, to trade where-ever you are. (Trader Apps for Android phone, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tabs)

Mobile Trader allows traders to monitor all positions in their account also giving traders the opportunity to follow investment news ensuring traders/investors never miss a trading opportunity, the Mobile Trader is available to all account holders.


The Web Trader is a web-based trading platform, no need to download or installing any apps, for anywhere, anytime market access – accessible behind most firewalls. Web Trader is fully integrated with the comprehensive, downloadable professional, online platform that covers all asset classes.

Trading Account Options

Private Investors have the option to trade their own accounts (Non-discretionary Account) or sign a mandate with HCI Online Trading to trade on their behalf (Discretionary Account).

Non-Discretionary Account

A Non-Discretionary Account place decision making and control with the Private Investor. Private Investors can choose to trade their own accounts live on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange or International Exchange; alternatively investors can notify HCI Online to execute transactions on their behalf.

This option is for the more experienced investors/trader as the responsibility such as stock picking and timing of transactions, lies with the Private Investor.

Private Investors may still call HCI Online and ask our opinion; nevertheless the trading decisions are up to the Private Investor.

Discretionary Account (Managed Account)

A discretionary account allows HCI Online to make account transactions without the client’s prior approval.The client signs a discretionary disclosure with Huysamer Capital Investments as documentation of the clients consent.

Sometimes broad guidelines are set by the Private Investors regarding trading in the account. For example, a client might only permit investments in blue chip stocks.

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