About Us

At HCI we devote a great deal of attention towards finding companies with a superior growth and a proven track record to invest in.

Consistency is the key in our goal of outperforming our benchmark thus achieving sustained, exceptional Investment Returns for our Investors. Our product range includes Unit Trusts and Portfolio Management Options making it possible to choose the best suited product for investor’s needs.

Our Investment Philosophy

Well Thought-Through Investing

We at HCI do thorough analysis on a continuous basis of the top 50 blue-chip companies listed on the JSE. We invest our clients’ money in what we believe to be good businesses with long track records. We have no specific style bias, we select companies with quality management teams that will succeed in growing earnings and dividends over multiple years to provide investors with long term capital appreciation well ahead of inflation at acceptable risk levels.

Our overall trading activity is low to keep costs for our clients to a minimum as high trading costs over time distract from investment performance. For this reason we want to be confident that a company have a high probability of fulfilling our requirements for years to come before we include it in a portfolio. We are also strict in applying the criteria to existing companies in the portfolios. If for some or other reason we suspect a company might not live up to our expectations going forward we will divest completely from it.

History of HCI

The Huysamer brand came into being in 1964 with the establishment of George Huysamer Stockbrokers with George Huysamer the founding member. During the nineties, Deon Huysamer took over the reins from his father and led the company into the new era of electronic trading – establishing the firm as a top 10 stock broker in South Africa and Namibia.

After the deregulation of the JSE in 1996 the business was sold to Dutch Bank ABN Amro. Deon Huysamer took on the role as MD of the business in South Africa for three years.

In 2003 Huysamer Capital Investments was registered as an asset manager with Deon Huysamer at the helm.

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