USDCNH Declines after PBOC Cuts Reference Rate for a Second Day

dollar yuanFrom Tuesday, the PBOC said that the decline in the reference rate was a one-off adjustment because the Yuan effective exchange rate had become unduly strong. After Wednesday’s cut, the PBOC said that the currency will not continuously devalueand that the move of the Yuan reference rate is normal. The central bank added that there is no economic basis for the Yuan’s constant devaluation

12 Aug 2015

This is the future: Cees Bruggemans looks ahead to 2018 and $1 = R22.50

 ZAR currency7:$ in 2010 to 12.50:$ today (that’s nearly 80% in less than four years), these numbers aren’t particular intimidating, given what we know of a Dollar on steroids. Previous cycles saw outsized Dollar rises. This one will be no different, only more gradual, is the betting, given the global fundamentals and central banks behaving. Or Are we looking at another 80% down by mid-2018 (Rand 22.50:$)?

INVESTMENT |Bucking the global trend on goods and services

africa brief

China’s investment in African resources remains at a relatively early stage and is likely to increase further over the next decade, despite the economic slowdown.

SA institutions, developers and listed-property players continue to expand their real estate footprints into the rest of Africa, creating more opportunities for investors to share in dollar-based returns.                                                                                       

 Barclays Africa Group is intensifying its expansion into the rest of the continent with applications for licences in several countries, reports Business Day